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E101 Sport Electric Bike


E101 Sport Electric Bike E101

E101 Sport Electric Bike

With a traditional mountain bike frame that includes a sloping top-tube and a performance saddle, the e101 Sport bike is ready for any adventure. With 5 levels of pedal assist, travel up 30kms in throttle-only (EV) mode without turning a pedal - just twist and go! Extend your range with pedal assist or go analog. Available 16", 18", and 20" frame sizes.

The e101 also features:
• Multiple Frame Sizes for the Perfect Fit
• 7-Speed Drive
• Frame Integrated Removable Battery Pack for Convenient Charging
• Lightweight Aluminum Frame for Easy Transport
• Advanced LCD Display
• Dual Mode Operation: Pedal Assist and Throttle
• Torque Sensor-Based Pedal Assist
• Great Balance
• 18-Month Warranty for Frame and Components; 24-Month Warranty for Battery
Included 120v ac charger plugs into any outlet and charges a depleted battery in approximately 4 hours.

*Ships from Langham, Saskatchewan

$1999 In stock
E101 Sport Electric Bike E101 Sport Electric Bike